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Alasti Vineyards

Steve Winter & Carol Czajkowski

1260 boulder Bump Rd, Pilot Hill 95864

A little about their vineyard:
Small family vineyard located in Pilot Hill, CA. At just below 1700 in elevation our vineyards has some unique grapes planted. We could very be the only vineyard in CA or the states around that grow and make wine from Black Malvasia.

Byecroft Road Vineyards

Bill & Margaret Leitz

3350 Byecroft Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Viognier, and Zinfandel located in El Dorado County. We do not have a tasting room, and do not currently sell wine from the vineyard.

Cinnamon Hill Vineyard

Ken & Ann Musso

4320 Sawbus Road, Garden Valley 95633

A little about their vineyard:

Clos des Knolls Vineyard

Bob & Barbara Leidigh

PO Box 120, Rescue 95672

A little about their vineyard:
We grow small quantities of multiple-award-winning grapes. We have been winemakers for 35 vintages and grow grapes from a wine-maker's perspective. We use only organic sprays on our vines because we know you won't want any chemical residues in your wines. We can crush for you on-site or you can take the grapes with you to crush elsewhere. Our destemmer/crusher is gentle to the fruit, enhancing the juice's fruity flavors.

Coyoteville Ranch and Vineyards

Dennis & Sharon Harter

P.O. Box 425, Oakville 94562

Crose Family Vineyards

Rick & Miri Crose

3720 Wilson Loop, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
The Crose Family Vineyard is three-and-a-half acres of Merlot and Petite Sirah grapes located at 2,600 feet elevation. Vines have a southwest aspect for full sun.

Crystal Springs Vineyard

Bob & Joyce Witters

2872 Crystal Springs Rd, Camino 95709

A little about their vineyard:
5 acres of Gamay Noir and 2 acres of Pinot Gris grown at 3400 ft.

D'Artagnan Vineyards & Winery

Bob & Bonnie Reitz

1781 Rocky Springs Ct., El Dorado Hills 95762

A little about their vineyard:
Growing Malbec, Tempranillo and Zinfandel. Tasting room is in historic Old Town Folsom at 815 Sutter Street.

Dorado Canyon Vineyards

Ken & Lucy Buchert

7340 Little Spur Court, Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:
Intensively, sustainably farmed Malbec grapes (Entav clones 495 and 595) and Petite Sirah grapes (including the Kendall-Jackson #1 clone) providing the basis of multiple award-winning wines.

Figone Vineyard

Jason Simon

Quail Haven Ct, Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:

Fion Mor

Jim Calhoun & Kathi Jim

9040 Doubletree Ln, Livermore, Ca 94551

A little about their vineyard:

Flat Creek Vineyard

Carey & Anna Maria Bailey

2501 Omo Ranch Rd., Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:
The Flat Creek Vineyard is at the base of Mt. Aukum where Flat Creek runs through the vineyard on the way to the Consumnes River. We are new owners and are focusing on raising the quality of the grapes grown from the vineyard.

Hawk Creek Vineyard

Lowell B. Davis

3625 Cedar Creek Road, Oakland 94609

A little about their vineyard:
Located at 2,200-2,400 feet along Cedar Creek in the Fair Play Appellation. Various microclimates produce high-quality, premium varietals with clonal character.

Kleinhans Vineyards

Markus Kleinhans

P.O. Box 30, Rescue 95672

A little about their vineyard:
Award winning 17 year old Syrah vines grown at 1,200' elevation in AxD soil; very rocky silt loam, on north facing 12 % slope providing slower ripening with our cooler evening micro climate. The wine from our grapes have been receiving gold & silver medals for the past 15 years. Future varietals:: Grenache, Mourvedre, and Cabernet Franc.

Krizl Vineyard

Kathy & Norman Krizl

5674 Nancy Lee Mine Rd, Garden Valley 95633

A little about their vineyard:
Krizl Vineyard grows four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on the Georgetown Divide. The vineyard is on a southeast facing hillside at elevation 2,000 feet, and was planted during 1982 and 1988. Home winemakers welcome!

Mais Fica Vineyards & Winery

Martin & Eileen Blair

3395 Kincade Drive, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Professionally managed, organically grown, 2-1/2 acres of Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah grapes located at 2,400 feet elevation in Pleasant Valley. Planted from Tablas Creek Vintage Select (TCVS) budwood.

Moore-Mathews Vineyard

James Moore & Janis Mathews

3565 Carson Road, Camino 95709

A little about their vineyard:
Growing Zinfandel

Mountain Cottage Vineyard

Gary R. Waldsmith

6000 Salmon Falls Rd., Pilot Hill 95664

A little about their vineyard:
1.1 Acres Clone #3 Piete Sirah, 12 years old, 5-8 tons harvest,. Vineyard is a State of CA Certf. Nursery Block, IB#440.

Noriega Family Vineyard

Robert & Terri Noriega

7201 Happy Valley Rd, Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:
Noriega Family Vineyard is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Somerset, El Dorado County. The vineyard sits at an elevation of 2400 feet where the rolling hills provide soft breezes that embrace the vines early morning and then continue thru the early evening. Throughout the day the sun provides just the right amount of sunlight that carries the vineyard from veraison thru the harvest season. Sine 2015 our family has taken great pride in continuing to grow beautiful quality grapes from this vineyard. (The vineyard which was the True Vine Vineyard Estates and was previously owned and operated by Dennis and Camille Fike)

Petra Vineyard and Winery

Mark Annis

2402 Deer Valley Road, Rescue 95672

A little about their vineyard:
Tasting Room closed March 2014

PineOak Vineyard

Margie & Ron Kilburg

630 Highway 49 , Coloma 95613

A little about their vineyard:
Syrah, zinfandel, barbera, tempranillo, aliatico, orange muscat. Rootstock own rooted total of 1 acre planted 2005 all bearing.

Pleasant Valley Vineyard

Byron & Sherril Jodar

4181 Eagle Canyon Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
With 30 years of grape growing experience by owners, at 2,800 feet elevation, in the Sierra foothills of Pleasant Valley just south-east of Placerville, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir grapes are grown on trellising to enhance optimum sun exposure on steeply terraced, south-facing slopes, for developing grape flavors with that perfect balance of acid and sugar.

Quartz Hill Vineyard

Bob & Margot Scharpf

8548 Mosquito Rd., Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
5.5 acres of Merlot, Petit Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage are grown 3 miles north of Placerville at 2200 ft. in elevation.

Rosa-Lucca Estates

Steve & Mickey Borello

1620 State Highway 193, Cool 95614

A little about their vineyard:
We are a professionally managed, family owned and operated small vineyard dedicated to growing the highest quality fruit in small lots. Located in the scenic El Dorado County town of Cool, in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.

Sauber Vineyards

Donna & Jim Sauber

5200 Butte Creek Rd., Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:
Thirty-seven acres of mountain-grown grapes, at 2,700-3,000 feet elevation, on sun-bathed, well-drained hillsides. Deep granitic soils produce outstanding varietal characteristics. Grapes sold commercially and to home winemakers. A crusher, stemmer, and press are available on site. Mature vines. Great quality.

Shaker Ridge Vineyard

Andrew & Elizabeth Standeven

3000 Mesquite Court, El Dorado 95623

A little about their vineyard:
Shaker Ridge grows Barbera and Primitivo and 5 Portugese varietals. Our 1/2 acre "Quinta" planting of Portugese varietals is proportioned to yield a balanced traditional "Port" style wine. We are a small family-run vineyard focused on quality and serving the needs of our clients. Our gently sloping site with good air drainage and exposure consistently ripens our grapes while still retaining the mineral qualities typical of El Dorado fruit. Whether you need 10 tons or a few hundred pounds please see our website for current availability.

Smokey Ridge Ranch

Kirk Taylor & West

2160 Carson Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Family vineyard at 2,500 feet elevation with south/southwest exposure. Single clone varietals grown on multiple rootstocks to increase complexity. Ranch visits encouraged - call us!

Somerset Vineyard

Joseph & Dawn Sogge

2521 Omo Ranch Rd., Somerset 95684

A little about their vineyard:
Naturally farmed in the alluvial soils below Mt. Aukum, Somerset Vineyard produces fruit with opulent color, compelling tannins, and complex earth and fruit flavors. These characteristics are created by vines grown in the distinct micro-climate of the vineyard's valley floor location. Somerset Petite Sirah is at the heart of a robust, full-bodied wine, whose luscious and enticing qualities continue to gracefully unfold with time. Anticipate wine with an inviting nose of plumb, blackberry, black cherry, and a touch of cedar enhancing a voluptuous body and long finish. Somerset Vineyard is managed with the help of Naylor Farms. Head-trained and VSP vines are carefully thinned to no more than 2 clusters per cane, with second growth and shoulder clusters dropped before harvest. Our primary objective is to achieve the highest quality possible, not quantity. To preserve optimum grape quality at harvest, the fruit will be delivered in refrigerated box-truck.

Stonehaven Ranch

Ed & Ed Goltz

2881 Springer Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Growing Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Syrah and Pinot Noir.

Sumu Kaw Vineyard

David & Sheila Bush

2660 Bodega Way, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Sumu Kaw Vineyards is located in the Pleasant Valley area of El Dorado County at an elevation of 3000 feet. Our first vines were planted in 1994 with the remainder in 1997. We have completed all the requirements for Fish Friendly Farms and though we are not certified organic, we have been using organic sprays and have stopped use of herbicides in the last few years. Most of our acreage is planted in Rhone varietals, but we also have Nebbiolo, Zinfandel seven varieties of port grapes, a few of which are listed below.

Sun Mountain Farm & Vineyard

Stanley & Joan Geel

3000 N. Canyon Rd., Camino 95709

A little about their vineyard:
Sun Mountain Vineyard is located in the Apple Hill area of the Sierra foothills. The vineyard management practices comply with sustainable standards and is personally managed. Pest management recommendations are provided by a registered Pest Control Advisor on a regular basis. Vine soil moisture status is periodically sampled down to 4 feet at various sites in the vineyard to guide deficit irrigation at a specific interval during the season. Petiole samples are routinely submitted for analysis to assess nutrition status and remedial practices introduced where necessary. Yield is closely managed and limited to approximately 3 tons per acre. The wine from these grapes has received favorable reviews and awarded Double Gold and Best of Show at wine competition.

Twin Oaks Vineyard

Al & Sylvia Limbertos

P.O. Box 347, Fair Play 95684

A little about their vineyard:
Five acres premium Merlot mountain-grown wine grapes AVA Fair Play, grown in deep, granitic soils, quadrilateral-trellised at 2,900 feet elevation with southern exposure producing exceptional quality fruit for harvest.

Via Romano Vineyards

Leanne Davis & Jon Chewning

3400 Carson Court, Suite D, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
We are a small winery in Apple Hill and have planted Nebbiolo on our vineyard in El Dorado.


Sid & Marie Davis

PO Box 734, Georgetown 95634

A little about their vineyard:
Six acres grapes: Viognier, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah. Home winemakers welcome. You pick, we crush and press

Walker Vineyard

Ann Johnson & Lloyd Walker

6060 Oak Hill Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
Award winning wines are made from this forty year old, twenty-eight acre vineyard situated above the Cosumnes River Canyon at 2,100 feet elevation. Premium Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Riesling, Petite Sirah, Merlot and Barbera are grown in well-drained granitic soils in the Oak Hill Agricultural District.

White Lotus Vineyard

Jeff & Vicki Kennedy

1751 Stonecrest Road, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:

WindRush Vineyard

Tim & Karen Jolly

, Placerville 95667

A little about their vineyard:
A ridge top location off of Pleasant Valley Road in the beautiful sierra foothills of Placerville, CA, WindRush Vineyard has 3.5 acres of syrah grapes at an elevation of 2600 to 2700 ft. A professionally managed, sustainable vineyard which has produced gold medal award winners year after year.

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